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This is an official site of Sifi for you to get to know better about sifi. Sifi is an individual that has many talents. Sifi became such a brand which many people recognized for decades. One of which you may heard of a funny yet educational name appear as Sifi Sifir. A Malay of Malaysia, the protagonist who could also be a master of disguise. Thus the tagline of 'Bringing the new future further'. The Idea behind this website is about a person that is tired of social media hypocrisy. Thus Sifi create a web of his own social media, yet started as a portfolio that turn into a shopping page and now what you see. Who knows what this site can be involve into.

Tech Skills are useful in this new future
Mean Stack 75%
Coding that are about HTML, CSS and JS are called
Front End 75%
Art gives feeling and sensation of living
Web Design 50%
Spiritual skills are important aspect of life
Tasawuf 37%
Coding framework gives the ability to create a digital product
WordPress 36%
Coding that are about functionality are called
Back End 36%
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