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Intermittent Fasting

Hello, Welcome to the official Guide on Smart Intermittent Fasting, all information, result and products  you can find here! we made it our passion to fast intermittent the smartest way. Before we carry on, let’s understand the meaning of intermittent. Well, intermittent means occurring at irregular intervals; not continuous or steady. Fasting means you stop an activities for a period of time or in religious meaning abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink. In smart intermittent fasting(SIF), you technically deprived of all or some kinds of food/drinks at irregular intervals when your stomach needs to consume food/drinks.

According to history, fasting has been implemented and practiced by the Muslim’s in early year of 622 CE. Ultimately the way they fast was reasonably advance for a beginner person who never fasted before. Therefore in 1930’s scientist came up of a way to fast which they call it Smart Intermittent Fasting. Scientist research that fasting is the best way to keep a healthy life and could even cure disease.


In our practice we call our SIF, the 3hour SIF. Is it easy to deprived yourself from all food/drinks for only 3hour?Please comment and let us know! IT is really simple that you can also do it, off course it is better you have our products to help you out

So HOW do we do SIF? Here it is, quite simple:

Intermittent Time
B’Young YELLOW 6 am
coloskim BLUE 9 am
B’Young GREEN 12 p.m
coloskim BLUE 3 pm
B’Young RED 9 pm

Remember, this SIF is every 3 hour as you can see the table above.
Now you complete your day of Smart Intermittent fasting. If you do this for 30 days, You will definitely loose weight!

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