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How to avoid Covid and self-cure while quarantine for early stage

As the world already know about Covid-19, lets just get to the topic on how to avoid Covid and self-cure while quarantine for early stage. Covid-19 is a virus that learn an adapt. Even though you may vaccine yourself, there is a chance that the virus may infect you. That is because virus has a level of frequency. Although the world may know that Sufism  is a meditation practice, this knowledge may apply to anyone not prior to only by sufi. Thus, please share to as much as anyone as possible.

By understanding on how frequency works on a person and on the virus itself, may be useful for those who need to avoid Covid and self-cure while in quarantine at an early stage. According to data  provided by local clinic, we found that Covid-19 has a frequency of 25,5 Hz while it is living and active  to find a host, and died at 8,5 Hz. While a person has a frequency around 8,5 Hz to 35,5 Hz will definitely be infected by this virus, which we call it the Al-Be. Al-Be is the combination of alpha and beta frequency of a person mind that we also call “wild thoughts”. The match between the virus and the host( a person) is the reason that these two combine for the virus ‘take over’ the host person. When the virus successfully ‘take over’ a person body, they will find a way so that the virus may reproduce like any living sell organism. However, the virus also may die on the person body which than the body will create an anti-virus.

What makes a person has Al-Be? The answer is that when a person thinks too much, the radius of frequency increase, the person (thoughts) level of frequency and self esteem decrease which most cases turn to death. This thoughts is affected by a person feelings. Which we refer on a famous scientist that had a well -known research on The Map of Consciousness. We refer level of Consciousness base on Map Of Consciousness research by Dr David R Hawkins on this book here.

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According to the map, a person can only grow their own level of Consciousness.  Thus, when a person has a low level of Consciousness, it is likely that the person is easily be affected by Covid-19 due to the ability of casting a certain frequency level. Because, consciousness handles a person feelings simply by growing a conscious. When a person has negative feelings, this feelings will result on unwanted thoughts which result towards an unstable level of frequency. The unstable frequency is the reason anyone could matched to frequency of the virus which will result for anyone being infected by it (Covid-19). However, a person of a low level of consciousness may be secure by another person of a Higher level of consciousness that had a close relationship . That soothing aura may make a person calm. Its like being under a bigger Tree. So be thankful to your near priest, monks, imams or those that you know of. We attached here the map of consciousness that is clinically proven.  According to our experience, a person who is above 300 level of consciousness usually has a normal of 4 Hz to 8 Hz of thoughts even not under meditating. Therefore mostly safe from bacteria or virus attack.

Please understand that level of consciousness below 300 does not determine a person frequency level. The range of alpha frequency is 9 Hz to 14 Hz. The frequency of Beta is 15 Hz to 30Hz . This shows that for 98.8% of humans of 7 Billion around the world is under 75 level of consciousness . This means that, a person who is at age 25, had LOC of 25. Thus, most likely will come a time the “wild thoughts” will come. Therefore we can conclude that when the same frequency is met, thus this attachment between virus and a person happen. Like when you are tuning a radio. When you reach the right radio frequency to the radio station, thus you may listen to the radio station. The same way this virus works.

 As we all know that most people cannot control their own thoughts, which likely just come out from nowhere, this is the result of that the person frequency reach to alpha or may even beta level. What feeling that affect towards a low frequency of thoughts? We listed down feelings that may make a person have a similar frequency that would result on being infected or likely the virus can win over inside the body.

  1. Stress
  2. Jealousy
  3. Fobia
  4. Guilt
  5. Ashamed
  6. Doubt
  7. Fear
  8. Hate
  9. Anger
  10. Pride

When a person has this feelings, most likely heart rate increase, which result on a alpha or beta level of thoughts, which result on the same frequency of the virus. When a person is calm, the frequency is lower and can help to kill the virus. Knowing how to meditate helps a lot to a patient that affected by Covid-19. When someone is warded, usually doctor will ask to be relax and pray as much as possible. This will make a patient calm down, so the virus will sooner be detached and die on the host body. The body of the patient will have an immune system on how to “handle” the virus. However, the outside virus may try to make a patient reach a certain level of feelings that make a patient level of frequency goes up.

Even though there is much research that we still have not cover, we hope that  with this information may help a person/patient to handle themself to avoid from being infected and self-cure while still had the chance. Here we list out activities that help to calm down feelings that will cause a higher level of frequency in total. By doing this will increase high frequency and helps produce a good feelings which may be able to avoid covid and self cure:

  1. Meditation,  can kill virus at a low state of mind
  2. Rest
  3. Pray
  4. Proper food dieting
  5. Proper fasting way
  6. Yoga
  7. Tai Chi
  8. Smile to another person
  9. Laugh activities
  10. Guided exercise

Conclusion is, any activity you do will determine the outcome of your frequency level which result gaining a self conscious. The higher self conscious is the higher success chance. If do not have a high level of conscious, gain more by doing more good activities like we list out.   

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